Who is TGRR?

TGRR (Total Gas Resource Recovery) is a high value solution provider utilizing a patent pending device and process which captures fugitive methane during the completion and production (work overs) phases of oil and gas wells.

TGRR separates the fugitive methane from the produced stream of water, chemicals and sand from oil and gas wells. This captured methane is then sent to surface equipment/ gas sales infrastructure, sent to a field gas generator to charge a batter storage systems or to power other electrical equipment on location, or re-injected down hole for artificial lift.

All of the aforementioned eliminates the need for venting or flaring and generates the additional cash flow.

Who Can Use This Technology?

Any exploration and production company that completes or works over wells which emit methane (natural gas). This represents a very large addressable market.

How Is It Implemented?

TGRR is implemented with any flowback and well testing operation which utilizes a sand retrieval system and which emits methane. It is simply put in line after the plug/junk catcher and manifold on any flowback setup.

How Soon Can It Be Up And Running?

Rig up of a flowback and well testing operation typically takes 4-6 hours, and the TGRR system would be installed within that time frame.

How Does The User Benefit?

The exploration and production company benefits in that the fugitive methane is captured so it is safer for workers. It is much better environmentally because venting and flaring can be eliminated. It is also economical in that the methane that was previously vented or flared can now be sold effectively, paying for the TGRR solution and making a profit from previously unsold natural gas! There are no negatives to using the TGRR system.